Friday, September 26, 2008

Where Biden?

For weeks all you hear about is Sarah Palin is not ready to co-lead or lead the country. You see her on TV talking to the various news outlets to get some exposure. After she does this, she is critisized even more then she was before. All you hear about is how bad Palin is for this country. I have yet to hear how good Joe Biden is for this country. No one is saying he should go on TV. I understand that he has been in the Senate for many years, but that does not automatically give him a free pass to the interviews Palin is being subjected to. Before 2007, I have never heard of Joe Biden, I know very little about him. I know more about Palin then I do him.

Let me be clear, I am not 100% for McCain nor, Obama. I think it is too early to decide. I am not convinced either one is the best choice. I think Obama picking Biden was not the best choice because Biden does not think his would-be boss is right for the job based on experience. How would he be able to work in that situation?

I think both parties need to cut the crap and say why they are the right choice.

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