Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whats with KEWL?

The other day I was instant messaging with a co-worker. One of his response was "kk". I asked him, "what does that mean", he said it was a "WoW acronym" and sent me a link to wikipedia that goes into details. Now confused by not only "kk" but "WoW" I was even more intrigued to see what Wikipedia had to say.

Wikipedia explains "WoW" is "World of Warcraft", a pc video game. I have heard of that game, but do not know enough about it to know it was "WoW". Wikipedia then went on to say that "kk" is short of "ok kewl". Being a member of the internet since 1994, i knew that kewl was another way of writing cool. The cool, internet way of writing cool, if you would. I thought internet lingo was supposed to be short and easy to type. LOL, or ROTFLMAO for example. Those are short and easy to type. In-case you are not sure, LOL is "Laughing out loud" and ROTFLMAO is "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off". So getting back to cool vs kewl. Both words have the same number of letters, 4, cool is easier to type because it is only 3 unique letters. KEWL is 4 letters, all unique. I would take you longer to type it then cool, because you need to move your fingers 4 times.

If we are going to change the spelling of words for quick-typing purpose at least make them shortening then original.

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