Monday, January 4, 2010

Do weather men know numbers

When I watch the weather forcast, the meteorologist always has a low to high range of degees in weather. The colder number is always the low which is shown first, like 45 to 50 degrees. What I do not understand is when the low is below zero, like -5, they also show that number as the high, like 10 to -5. They always do this, no matter watch broadcast I watch. Why is this?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do parents enjoy Noggin just as much as their preschooler

My one year old loves to watch Noggin, Nickelodan's channel for Preschoolers. I do not neccessarily think it is a bad thing since it is educational. That is the only TV he watches, other then the occiational Family Guy with daddy.

When I am home with him, watching it, i tend to find my self really tuned in to some of the shows they air. "The Wonder Pets' for example. Catchy music and interesting resecues. If you are not familiar witht he show, its about 3 class pets (a hampster, turlte and chick) that get called via a red soup can connected to a string, but other animals they are in trouble. A cow stuck in a tree, or a skunk swallowed by a thorn bush. Their goal is to save the animals but putting on their capes and building their saftey vehicle, which is contructed of various class items. They always work together, sing a song and save the helpless animals.

Another show, which is mine and my wifes personal favorite is "Max and Ruby". Ruby and her little brother Max, both rabbits, live alone. No site or even a mention of their parents. The only "parental unit" is their grandmother who lives right next store. Although the fact about the parents not being around bothers me evertime I watch the show, I do not let that get in the way to learn what they are preaching. Basically in every episode, Ruby is caught in some sort of conflict. Through out the story, Max says only one or two words repeatidly while performing some distraction that causes Ruby to stop what she is doing and get Max out-of-her way. At the end, Ruby's conflicts are always resolved with Max's repeated words or actions that, at first, where nothing more then a nousence to her.

Lets not even get started on Yo! Gabba Gabba.

In between shows, there are short clips or music video's that are also entertaining and fun to learn with. At times, I want to just change the channel and throw away the remote, but other times its refreshing to sit back and watch something so simple.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rachel Ray is making us all fat

I work at home one day a week. My wife is home with our new born and puts ABC on for background noise. At 10:00 the horrible Rachel Ray show comes on. Im not sure how had the great idea of giving her another show, maybe they did not see her 30 Minute Meals show, or $40 a day (both on the food channel), either way, both shows are annoying as is she.

Anyway, before each commercial break, Rachele says, "Get a snack, we'll be right back". Her show takes an average four commercial breaks per show. I do not think it is healthy for anyone to have 4 snacks with an hour.

Now for some hostety... Im sure she really does not want us all to get fat and expect us to eat a snack when she tells s to. Its probebly just a "tag line" some one told her to use, but its annoying.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whats with KEWL?

The other day I was instant messaging with a co-worker. One of his response was "kk". I asked him, "what does that mean", he said it was a "WoW acronym" and sent me a link to wikipedia that goes into details. Now confused by not only "kk" but "WoW" I was even more intrigued to see what Wikipedia had to say.

Wikipedia explains "WoW" is "World of Warcraft", a pc video game. I have heard of that game, but do not know enough about it to know it was "WoW". Wikipedia then went on to say that "kk" is short of "ok kewl". Being a member of the internet since 1994, i knew that kewl was another way of writing cool. The cool, internet way of writing cool, if you would. I thought internet lingo was supposed to be short and easy to type. LOL, or ROTFLMAO for example. Those are short and easy to type. In-case you are not sure, LOL is "Laughing out loud" and ROTFLMAO is "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off". So getting back to cool vs kewl. Both words have the same number of letters, 4, cool is easier to type because it is only 3 unique letters. KEWL is 4 letters, all unique. I would take you longer to type it then cool, because you need to move your fingers 4 times.

If we are going to change the spelling of words for quick-typing purpose at least make them shortening then original.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Where Biden?

For weeks all you hear about is Sarah Palin is not ready to co-lead or lead the country. You see her on TV talking to the various news outlets to get some exposure. After she does this, she is critisized even more then she was before. All you hear about is how bad Palin is for this country. I have yet to hear how good Joe Biden is for this country. No one is saying he should go on TV. I understand that he has been in the Senate for many years, but that does not automatically give him a free pass to the interviews Palin is being subjected to. Before 2007, I have never heard of Joe Biden, I know very little about him. I know more about Palin then I do him.

Let me be clear, I am not 100% for McCain nor, Obama. I think it is too early to decide. I am not convinced either one is the best choice. I think Obama picking Biden was not the best choice because Biden does not think his would-be boss is right for the job based on experience. How would he be able to work in that situation?

I think both parties need to cut the crap and say why they are the right choice.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I installed IE8 beta

Today I installed Internet Explorer 8 beta.
Today I uninstalled Internet Explorer 8 beta.