Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rachel Ray is making us all fat

I work at home one day a week. My wife is home with our new born and puts ABC on for background noise. At 10:00 the horrible Rachel Ray show comes on. Im not sure how had the great idea of giving her another show, maybe they did not see her 30 Minute Meals show, or $40 a day (both on the food channel), either way, both shows are annoying as is she.

Anyway, before each commercial break, Rachele says, "Get a snack, we'll be right back". Her show takes an average four commercial breaks per show. I do not think it is healthy for anyone to have 4 snacks with an hour.

Now for some hostety... Im sure she really does not want us all to get fat and expect us to eat a snack when she tells s to. Its probebly just a "tag line" some one told her to use, but its annoying.

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